Who is our First Love?

So who is our First Love?

Do I believe that Christ Loves us like he says in his Word?

Our answer to these questions is central in our marriage crises.

I’m convinced that the more we draw closer to Jesus over the long-term the more he will work in our spouses, even when they are separated from us.

I really believe one lesson he is teaching us is to accept Him as the First Love in our lives so we are not weak and needy when we approach our spouses.  There is no more strength in your life when you can say to yourself “Christ, you give me all I need – I don’t need my spouse’s love, but I do want them to return to me so I can share this Love I have from you, Lord .”

God is a jealous God, and he does not want any person above Him.  But he also Loves our spouses in good ways we can never imagine and He Loves Marriage.

What he wants to do is Love our spouses by giving us His Love to do this, even when they do not love us back.

BUT, and this is important, we have to accept His Love for us first . . . .

We cannot keep rejecting His Love by saying “God does not Love me – and this crises is proof.”

Look, the first step our spouses will have to take for reconcilation is to accept our Love for them as genuine.  Right now they don’t believe we Love them!  They are making up all kinds of stories in their minds to justify a lie that we don’t love them.

Our relationship with Christ is no different.  We must accept the fact He Loves Us!  We must stop looking at our crises in self-pity and to support the lie of the enemy that God does not Love us.  Once we accept His Love as Genuine then we can begin to Love Him and His love will flow!

The first step is to daily reaffirm that God loves us.  The two ways are to praise and love Him in some good alone time with just Him – just praise him – don’t beg him to stop the crises.  The second is to seek Him and learn about who He is in His Word – read the Psalms and you’ll see who Christ really is . . .

1 John 4:19 ”We love Him because He first loved us.”